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Seats under Roof in Saitama Stadium 2002. Which seats need a raincoat on a rainy day?

雨に濡れる席 濡れない席 埼玉スタジアム 2002 合羽が必要か

Which seats are covered with Roof in Saitama Stadium2002?

Those who are to watch a soccer game at the stadium may want to know it. I’m going to share some photos showing areas that need a raincoat, as I have been watching games in the stadium both on fines days and rainy days.

Seats under Roof

Saitama Stadium is composed of six seating areas.

コレオ 浦和レッズ 埼玉スタジアム

-North Side Stand
-South Side Stand
-Main Upper Seats
-Main Lower Seats
-Back Upper Seats
-Back Lower Seats

saitama stadium 2002 seating plan


Let’s see a photo below to understand how a roof covers seating areas.

埼玉スタジアム バックロアーと屋根の位置関係

Main and Back Upper Seats are under roofs, while there is no roof above both North and South Side Stands.

Whether a raincoat is necessary or not depends on which seat you chose. Let’s view some photos for more details.

Photos on rainy days

The photo below show a situation on a rainy day.

雨に濡れる席 濡れない席 埼玉スタジアム2002


ロアー席 雨 埼玉スタジアム2

It looks that the rain falls to the lower half of the Main Lower Seats. Also some of supporters in the upper half of the Main Lower Seats seating near an aisle wore raincoats.

Next, it is a zoomed photo of Back Lower seats.

ロアー席 雨 埼玉スタジアム

Based on my experiences, the lower half seat of Lower area is affected by rain falling. But it doesn’t, in this photo. It appears that the wind direction affects whether seats around the half line of Lower Seats are to be wet.

I recommend that a raincoat should be prepared when you buy a ticket around an aisle at the half line of Main/Back Lower Seats.

For more information, a photo below is about another rainy day.

バックロアー中央席 雨 埼玉スタジアム

Finally let’s see another photo in a rainy day.

雨の日の状況 埼玉スタジアム


Main Upper and Back Upper Seats are under Roofs.

A raincoat is necessary for both North and South Side Stand.

A raincoat is necessary for the lower half of both Back & Main Lower Seats.

Please note that even if the upper area of Main/Back Lower Seats, seats around the half line of Lower Seats are prone to wet.

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